Ben Nye Powder Blush (DDR-61)
Ben Nye Powder Blush (DDR-61)

Ben Nye Powder Blush (DDR-61)

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These matte pressed powder blushes are highly pigmented and blend into the skin with a silky finish that is capable of achieving any finish, from sheer to glamorous. Powder blushes are all individually refillable, making them a kit friendly option for makeup artists of any genre.

DR – 3.5gm./0.12oz. Expect 50-200 applications.

Apply blush shades to the apples of the cheeks using a Rouge Brush, and blend softly upward towards the temples. 

For a glowing complexion, wrap the temples, chin, and tip of the nose with a light application of blush. Layer colors for a saturated effect, and diffuse shades by blending in circular motions. 

Gently wipe off makeup with Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water.