Grishko Dream Pointe Shoe

Grishko Dream Pointe Shoe

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This is the Grishko's first shoe that uses the new technology of the solid sole-platform part made by the special thermoplastic flexible material. This construction doubles the time of use (compared to the classic Grishko models).

It is recommended for professional dancers who wear out their pointe shoes too quickly.

Special Characteristics:
The Dreampointe model is based on the 2007 classic Grishko last, with a slightly larger platform and somewhat roomier box (U-shaped with drawstring).

Box shape: tapered

The sole of this model is flat (check the Dreampointe 2007 for the pre-arched sole).

Best fit: Egyptian or Greek (tapered) feet with low or medium arch

SF (soft-flexible), MF - (medium-flexible), HF - (medium hard flexible), SHF (super hard flexible).